12cm Bamboo Paddle Skewer Sticks x 100

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12cm bamboo paddle skewer

  • Available in packs of 100
  • Classic paddle style design
  • 100% bamboo
  • Also available in 9cm 15cm 18cm and 25cm sizes

There’s something very satisfying about the look of a paddle skewer. In fact it could just be the perfect form for a skewer – it’s easy to pick up and wave around should your guests get particularly evangelical as they eat. And if it’s made from 100% bamboo like these skewers from Belix then so much the better. Add to that the fact that there’s nothing mass-produced about these skewers; they’re all beautifully made. Each skewer looks like a bespoke item and it’ll look even finer when it’s ‘dressed for the occasion’.

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