Bamboo Spoon x 12

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Bamboo Spoon x 12

  • Pack of 12
  • 17cm x 3.5cm
  • Made of real bamboo. Reusable.
  • Bamboo knife and fork also available
  • Made by Belix

These charming bamboo spoons really are a pleasure to use. They’re beautifully shaped and easy to hold. The warmth and smoothness of bamboo adds a different quality to the eating experience, and your guests will undoubtedly relish it. They’ve been beautifully made by Belix – who really are experts when it comes to working with bamboo. (Incidentally, if you’re looking to complete the set, they also make matching bamboo knives and forks.) You may even choose bamboo or wooden tableware to complement your cutlery and create an altogether more artisan look. Alternatively you could go for a more modern service, and work those contrasts.

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